Anyone can use a self-storage unit in the middle of a move to make some space for a new member or someone who needs some extra space at their home. But it’s not going to be easy as renting a storage space and moving everything. There are different things to consider, like climate impact on stored items. Climate-controlled storage is needed for the following items.

For those who don’t know, climate-controlled storage is a storage unit that keeps the indoor temperature of a unit from 55 to 85 Deg. F. and maintains a proper humidity level all year round. It is basically a humidifier, air conditioner, and dehumidifier all in one.

Wooden Furniture

Wood can warp, crack or rot when it gets too much moisture over time. In order to store wooden furniture, such as tables, bed frames, chairs, nightstands, end tables, entertainment centers, dressers, etc, it becomes very important to have climate-controlled storage. You can take care of both climate and your storage unit with storage.

Leather Furniture

Leather is vulnerable to swings of cold and hot. Weather changes with seasons and makes a big issue when it comes to making a move. Even if you want to store in an area that is not vulnerable to the heat of summer or the cold of winter, temperature control is still necessary to safeguard your expensive leather pieces. If leather is not stored in climate-controlled storage, it is more vulnerable to moisture that can discolor it and lead to mildew.

Household Goods

Dishwashers, washers and dryers, microwaves, ovens, and refrigerators need proper climate-controlled storage in areas that get extreme cold or heat. Climate control ensures the protection of all mechanical and electrical equipment against rust and cracking which may lead to permanent damage.

Not completely sealed units need proper cleaning and dryness. This way, climate control can be helpful to prevent mildew and mold from building up in the appliances.


Be it Instagram-inspired artwork or fine frescoes, you will need climate-controlled storage. Even though you keep your artwork in diameter tubes or file cabinets, it is vital to keep a healthy temperature. The ideal environment is around 50% humidity with temperatures from 70 to 75 degrees F.

No matter what you are moving, everything needs climate-controlled storage to ensure added safety. Climate control is ideal to store finished sewing items or extra fabric.

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