This last month has been a bit of a nightmare. I thought I was over my plateau but it’s obvious that I haven’t been. All I’ve managed to shift over the last month has been just 3lb. I’m stuck. Totally stuck. So I’ve had to adjust my calories again (I didn’t really want to go any lower than 1600) but I’ve had to, just to get it to move. I want to lose at least another 3 stone by Christmas but at this rate I can’t see it happening.

Davina McCall Exercise Bike

So I bought myself a mini Davina McCall exercise bike. I can’t use it sitting down on my sofa though, I have to use it whilst sitting on the kitchen stool as I can reach the peddles better. So what I’m trying while the weather is awful is using the bike to burn 100 calories during the day. I’ve got to start small as I’ve got no strength in my legs at all and if I do too much, I end up in absolute agony for the rest of the day so it’s little and often. Plus it’s now the TOTM so I’ve put on fluid too and look like a blimp.

I’m still pretty enthusiastic about getting the weight off – although I do keep forgetting to make some of the things that help me, like jellies and suchlike so I find myself desperate for something to nibble at night. So I must remember to get off my bum to make them or I’m torturing myself unnecessarily.

Anyway, that’s the update for this week – not much has been going on, and what has been going on hasn’t been so great. I really want this plateau to go away so I can get some serious weight off again and it’s now getting irritating!

Hope you’re having better luck.

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