Although it seems like every bride has to make about 6,000 different decisions about the big day, there is one that clearly stands out. It is much more difficult to make a decision about designer wedding dresses than it is to make any of the other decisions about the wedding. Not only that, but it is the one decision you will probably remember for the rest of your life. When you remember your wedding 35 years from now, you are not likely to remember what the invitations looked like or what the centerpieces were on the tables at the reception, but you will remember whether or not you loved your wedding dress.

A designer wedding dress is not for everyone, however. You can expect to pay between one and two thousand dollars for a designer dress. If the specific designer or shop is well-known or popular, it can be even more expensive than that. You can also only look for a designer dress if you plan ahead. It usually takes at least four months after the dress is selected for it to be completed and fitted. You should get your dress ordered early so that you know it will be available well before the wedding. Nobody needs the stress of having to wait until the week before the wedding to know for sure that the dress will show up and that it will fit.

Before you make an appointment, you should take some time to consider what kind of dress you are looking for. Knowing a few of the requirements for your dress will help you to locate the bridal shop that is the most likely to have the best selection of what you are looking for. If you know that you want a long-sleeved dress that is backless, you do not want to make an appointment with a shop that does not have any of those. You should also carefully think about the theme of your wedding and the style of dress you are looking for. Your body type should also be a consideration at this point because some dresses would not look fabulous on you regardless of how much you love them on the hangar.

When you go shopping, you should have several members of your friends or family along with you. This is important because it provides you with a second opinion. However, this is also a great thing to do because you probably want your closest friends with you when you make a decision as important as picking out your wedding dress.

Although there are a few people out there that do not need to worry about a budget, most shoppers will need to have an idea of how much money they can spend on a wedding dress. Discuss this with the consultant at the bridal shop so that they only show you dresses that are within your price range. You do not want to fall in love with a dress only to find out that it is double the amount in your budget.

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