Fitness The gluteus group (hip muscles) is the most important muscle group in our body for both health, strength and aesthetics. Women love, men love, especially in recent years, the internet is talking a lot. In this section, evaluate the best hip exercises. First of all, I would like to point out that Squat is not the best exercise you can do for your hip. Maybe even after reading this part, you can even remove it from your program.

I List the Most Efficient Exercises in Turn:

1. Hip Thrust: Allows you to work your hips directly, you can use very high weight.

2. Hip Bridge: Like Hip Thrust, but the range of motion is slightly shorter than the exercise. It can be easily applied in any environment.

3. Romanian Deadlift: A very good exercise to help you develop the hamstring and gluteus muscles in isolation. You can get all the benefits of Deadlift, but it’s an easier exercise

4. Deadlift: Perhaps the best hip exercise, but not easy to apply. For this reason the Romanian Deadlift may be a better option. You can also force your nervous system because you can use too much weight, you can not apply too much.

5. Bulgarian Split Squat: An exercise that can train your Lunge-like hips and legs and develop your hip in a higher range of motion.

6. Lunges: An exercise you can do everywhere, running your hips and legs.

7. Kettlebell Swing: A very productive, safe exercise to get your hips to work. You can also do it as a cardio in a high recall.

8. Glute Kickback: An isolated hip exercise that you can do with your body weight, with the help of cable or tape.

9. Hip Abduction: A good exercise to isolate your hip muscles, especially the gluteus medius muscles.

10. Squat: Squat is a good exercise for your calves, but in the right form the practice is more difficult than the other exercises on the list. It may be a better option for men: because the other exercises are hard exercises that are difficult to apply for men. Squatta is easy to increase in weight, but it will take much longer for women to reach this level. In addition, Squat is an exercise that does more leg work than how to do it. Therefore, it is not a good option to enlarge the thigh without enlarging the legs.

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