Well, it’s been a little under 2 weeks since I got over the plateau by upping the calories to 1600 again and it’s going well. I’m now down to 27 stone 2lbs, so that’s just 1 more pound to go until I hit a 7 stone loss. I would have been on the diet for 6 months on the 28th of August and I’m hoping to break 7 stones by then like a stone per month is the target I set myself when I started.

I’m hoping to keep on target with that, and hoping to hit 23 stone by Christmas this year. But doing it in smaller targets, I want another stone gone bringing me down to 26 stone albs by 28th of next month. I took a little break from the boxing as it’s rained so much making it impossible to get outside and box with Andy so got to up my game with that again this month.

Also swapped TeaPigs Matcha Green Tea for Tea (£25 a month supply) which I didn’t feel was giving me much of a buzz (£18 for 3 month supply) – it tastes heaps better than TeaPigs and definitely keeps my energy up. Only been using it for 3 days and already feel a lot more vibrant.

I’m still surprising myself that I’ve stuck to it for this long. I didn’t actually think that I had the willpower to do it for more than a month but now I’m seeing the results of this loss, it’s spurred me on to keep going.

I’m enjoying it. No, really I am. I never thought I’d say that either but I’m loving the hunt for new food that’s more nutritious, healthier alternatives, smaller clothes (I’ve come down 5 dress sizes already), and noticing little things like my rings becoming looser or my undies falling down (I think Andy is liking it more than me though as it gives him the chance to take the mickey).

Make Better Choices Works

The big bonus of this loss at the moment is my mood. I’ve not been depressed since I started healthy eating. If I do have a day off (very rare) but if I do and have a little treat or two it has a tendency to make me feel slightly sluggish. Now as I prefer feeling energetic over the sluggish, depressed feelings I rarely have a day off. I don’t even cheat. That’s the absolute truth too. Other diets never seemed to work. I was always too hungry and irritable but listening to my body and recognizing how great it feels when I make better choices works so much better for me.

I also have very tight control of my diabetes now. Rarely a day goes by now when my blood sugar is between 2.4-3 at any one time. I find I start to get shaky at about 2.3 and notice the signs straight away whereas before my blood was anything between 8-10 and I rarely felt good. To combat hypos, I’ll either pop 3 Dextro tablets (which are 11 calories each) if it’s not too low or 125ml of pink Lucozade if it is (71 calories) which gets straight into the bloodstream bringing it back to normal again. I can’t wait for the time when I’m totally off insulin but I’m sure another year’s loss and that’ll happen so I’m not too concerned.

So, as I said, my weight at the moment is 27 stone 2lbs. All done eating better choices, exercising more with NO surgical intervention. Here’s to the next stone!

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